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p e d e r t a s t i c

Welcome to the Uranian revolution. Me: white femme trans man. Contents: slash, fandom, Wincest, anti-opression, general androphilia
Apr 18 '14

Poor Hanni 


Poor Hanni 

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Apr 17 '14

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Apr 16 '14

What non-hannigram shippers seem to not understand


If it was real life, I would want will graham FAR AWAY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE FROM HANNIBAL and I would douse that shitty psychiatrist in lighter fluid and burn his sorry ass and salt the ground where his ashes lay for good measure

But since it’s a tv show, lemme just imagine these two master manipulators engage each other in erotic mind games please and thank

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Apr 16 '14

Oh no, not my baby; oh no, not my sweet baby ! 


Oh nonot my baby; oh nonot my sweet baby ! 

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Apr 16 '14

baronsamediswife asked:

I just want Dean to randomly slam Sam against the wall in some motel room somewhere. Telling him how he couldn't think about anything but his tight ass all day. I want him to manhandle Sam around after kissing him breathless and rip Sam's jeans down with one hand while opening his own. I want quick and dirty prep, Sam wiggling impatiently and Dean sighing with relief when he finally bottoms out in his brother. *scampers off*


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Apr 15 '14
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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14


Should we call this Friday: Hannigram Rising? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Apr 15 '14
  • other people: you are a cutie pie
  • hannibal: you'd make a cute pie

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14

salaciathehalfman asked:

OH MY GOD I've done the leg stroking thing and people thought I was FLIRTING WITH THEM







Neurotypicals, everyone.

This. Apparently nt people think it’s a seduction technique. I just…. No.

Whaaaaat. That is so perplexing. Why would they even think that?

I have no idea. Maybe because thighs and genitals are close ish? I have no idea, but that’s the one that comes closest to even beginning to fathom such things.

This is ABSOLUTELY considered sexual in a traditional (neurotypical) context. It is an intimate form of touch. Standard foreplay and signaling for NTs.

But I don’t understand why stroking your own leg is considered foreplay. Someone else’s? Sure, I can buy that. But your own? Errrrr that doesn’t make sense and I want to know WHY.

A full answer would probably be more complex, but one element is that it reminds us of masturbation. Thighs are an erogenous zone for a lot of folks so an NT rubbing their own thighs - as well as rubbing their own butt, lips, chest/breasts, or hips - can mean “you make me feel good! I want to be touched! And since you’re not touching me right now in the places I want you to touch me, I’m gonna do it myself to help you get the picture!”

Even during sex, lots of people (and I won’t say NTs because I have no idea if this is NT-specific) touch themselves as well as touching the other person. Sometimes your partner’s hands are occupied and you want to be touched in multiple places at once; sometimes you want to feel like you’re putting yourself “on display”, showing submission or dominance or lust to your partner by touching yourself in a certain place. The latter kind of bedroom self-touching resembles the moments of flirtatious self-touching we’re talking about.

It doesn’t ALWAYS mean that though. Sometimes NTs rub our thighs just because we’re nervous or thinking about something; sometimes it’s a personal habit. Probably the best way to tell the difference is whether we’re making eye contact with a particular person. Same applies to touching our own lips… but we don’t usually touch our own butts/hips/chests unless, like, we’re sore there, or have a wedgie >_>

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 13 '14

Roberto Ferri. L’ombra Della Luna (The Shadow of the Moon). 2013.


Roberto Ferri. L’ombra Della Luna (The Shadow of the Moon). 2013.

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Apr 8 '14


"no homo" I whisper as I look at my garden of pea plants. The progeny had expressed a 1:2:1 ratio of phenotypes. I am Gregor Mendel. 

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Apr 8 '14

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Charlie Peters in 4.12 ‘Lazarus’ (Shameless)

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